Ipsodeckso – The Sanctuary Deck

Cards featuring different alien lifeforms from the Sanctuary deck

For our fourth ‘Show & Tell’, Ludogogy welcomes back Darren Sweet. Last time, Darren gave us a tour of the Johari Go! Deck, which facilitate members of teams to get to know one another. This time he shows us Sanctuary – a deck for opening up conversations around Diversity and Inclusion.

Ipsodeckso is a platform which is going to be of considerable interest to facilitators and coaches. It contains a number of great decks already, but also includes the capability for you to upload and use your own cards, for use on the same platform.

SPECIAL OFFER – This deck is free to use as often as you wish until 30th June 2023 (access via the ipsodeckso.com free membership option).

This Diversity and Inclusion deck disguises itself as a social activity for groups. A conversational glimpse into a possible future where humanity has failed to preserve our beautiful planet and in a desperate bid for survival, has sought sanctuary amongst the stars.

That’s right folks, the year is 2127 and Sanctuary players are the last vestiges of humanity, throwing themselves at the mercy of other worldly species who have kindly agreed to offer a fresh start on their precious, life sustaining planets!

The cards hold a bio of each alien species and provide details about their respective culture and home worlds (each drawing on one or more parallels to areas directly related to the diversity and inclusion conversation). Players are encouraged to imagine how their life as the handful of refugees might look and feel as they try to integrate into each alien civilisation.

After this fun, visioning experience, players will be asked to place the shoe on the other foot and imagine if each alien species had lost their home world and Earth was their sanctuary.

  • How would they be welcomed?
  • How would they fit into our society?
  • How might we view and treat them?
  • How might we adjust to accommodate and include them?

This deck removes participants from our immediate reality, creating a safe space to venture into an unguarded, exploratory conversation from the perspective of a minority group, while holding up a mirror to the myriad of issues impacting so many people, on Earth, today.

As a bonus, because Show & Tell is a nice relaxed ‘chatty’ format, Darren and I also got to talk about my project too. The Museum of Impossible Objects already exists as a virtual deck on Deckible, but now I want to bring it to life as a physical deck – by running a Kickstarter – you can sign up for updates here.

And if you want to know more about the origin story of the deck, there’s an article about that too.

Even better, Darren has agreed to return to Show & Tell regularly because, as once you know how to use the platform, you’ll want to get some insights into all the great decks already in the Library and how you might use them in your coaching and facilitation paractice.

Show & Tell videos will all accumulate at the Show & Tell Page as they are published. You can also check out one of Darren’s games, ‘The Walking Dead’ which featured in a Ludogogy live play session.

If you would like to appear in a Show & Tell episode, get in touch at info@ludogogy.co.uk

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A real board games nerd, she is considering having her floors reinforced to support the ever increasing weight of the boxes. When she is not designing or facilitating learning games she is the editor of Ludogogy Magazine. Sarah lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, younger daughter, and a beautiful (but very loud) Bengal cat.

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