I’m Sarah and I started Ludogogy at the beginning of 2020 – after thinking about the idea for ages!

I’ve been involved in corporate and organisational learning for 20+ years, but have been playing (and making) games for much longer than that – since I was a small child.  As a player, I love the feeling of flow and joy that comes from immersing oneself in play.  As a learning professional, I am passionate about the potential of games and play to create impactful learning – especially in my own particular areas of interest – the big systemic problems – Sustainability, Inequality, Toxic Culture and so on.

Ludogogy exists to raise the profile of Games-based Learning and to provide information and resources that will be useful and inspiring to GBL and Gamification practitioners.

It’s written by and read by the same people – and I’d urge you to follow the links in the bios at the bottom of articles you’ve enjoyed to find out more about the interesting and brilliant folk that have come Ludogogy’s way – or take a look at the Contributors’ Page.

Ludogogy elsewhere

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to speak on podcasts, host panels and so on, since starting Ludogogy. Here are a few of these.

Gamification Europe 2020 Virtual Conference Panel Session – Designing Games to Explore, Address and Take Action on Wicked Learning Problems

Professor Game Podcast with Rob Alvarez Bucholska

Guy Bloom’s Leadership Bites podcast