There are so many great books, courses, games, theories, approaches, blogs, podcasts…..(well you get the idea), out there on the topics of games-based learning, gamification and all the sundry other topics beloved of Ludogogy readers. This is a space for our readers to submit reviews of anything they feel would be useful for you to know about. We are looking for reviewers – likely tasks will include tasks reading, listening, watching or playtesting. Also, if you have a book, game or whatever you would like to see reviewed here, we want to hear from you too Please get in touch in either case at using ‘review’ in your subject line.


Box shot of Mystic Arts game Review – Luma World Games by Ludogogy - Luma World's approach to learning through play aligns with modern educational theories emphasing active engagement, problem-solving, and hands-on experiences. [...]
Giorga's postcard on a week of Media Review of Dear Data by Ludogogy - When I decided to run the ‘Quantified Self’ theme in Ludogogy, I knew at once that I would want to write a review of this amazing book. [...]
Fail to Learn Book Cover Review – A Book About How We Learn From Failure by Ludogogy - One of this book’s greatest strengths, is that it focuses on one aspect of play in learning, and gives space and time to be really thorough in exploring it. [...]
Top Ten Games book cover Review of  Games you can Play in your Head by Ludogogy - I’ve long been a fan of ‘elegant’ games, by which I mean games that achieve a great deal of gameplay – and therefore fun – without having lots of materials or overly complex rules and mechanisms. I also, at times, especially since lockdown, struggle to gather together sufficient people to play some of my favourite tabletop and role playing games,… [...]
Transform Cards Review of Transform Deck and Toolkit by Ludogogy - The Transform Deck follows the tradition of creativity decks such as Michalko’s Thinkertoys This deck focuses on inspiring ideas and sparking creativity [...]
Gameful Habits book cover Review of Gameful Habits – self-gamification by Ludogogy - Bartels is the author of numerous books on different facets of her ‘Self-Gamification’ approach to self-help by turning one’s life into games. [...]
Book cover - building blocks for tabletop game design Review of Building Blocks of Tabletop Game Design by Ludogogy - If this book by Engelstein and Shalev had existed back then, I would definitely have used it to explore game mechanics to inform my game design. [...]
Designing games and gamification book cover Review of Designing Games and Gamification for Learning by Ludogogy - If you wanted to be able to explain the pedagogical value of games and gamification, then this book would work extremely well. [...]
Liviing complexity book cover Review – Living Complexity by Luca Minudel by Ludogogy - Living Complexity is described by its author, Luca Minudel, as a catalogue of practices for use within teams, with an eye also at the broader organisation. [...]
Framing Play Design cover Review of Framing Play Design by Terry Pearce - When we play, we explore and create things that can never come into being when we are focused on doing things right and achieving [...]
Ideas Arrangemetn Effects cover Review – Ideas Arrangements Effects by DS4SI by Ludogogy - Ideas, Arrangements, Effects (IAE) starts with a simple premise - that ideas are embedded in social arrangements, which in turn produce effects. [...]
Reality is broken Review – Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal by Erik Agudelo - The main thesis of this book is that games can be used as 'meaningful work' in the face of some of the world's most intractable problems. [...]
Ludogogy gameloop Review – Yu-kai Chou’s Behavioural Design Masterclass by Ludogogy - If you are serious about offering Octalysis-based gamification design to clients, or a project of your own to gamify, this course will amply repay your effort [...]
Will Wheeler Book cover Review – Dyslexic Motivation in Pictures by Ludogogy - The Book of Dyslexic Motivation in Pictures, by Will Wheeler, is a which has lots to teach us about becoming a successful professional (dyslexic or otherwise). [...]
Wargaming Experiences Book cover Review – Wargaming Experiences – Soldiers, Scientists and Civilians by Dr Pascal van Overloop - Wargaming Experience”is recommended to read, especially for those in the defence and security environment who want to start applying game-based methodologies [...]
Crystal Ball Review – Coursera’s Futures Thinking Specialisation – Part 2 by Ludogogy - This course built on the previous four modules, and got down to playing games, the purpose of which was to check the usefulness of your projected futures [...]
Crystal Ball Review – Coursera’s Futures Thinking Specialisation by Ludogogy - The tools are easily and immediately applicable to work and life. Although this learning is about the future, the skills it teaches are applicable immediately [...]
Evivve screenshot Review of Evivve: The Leadership Game by Terry Pearce - The game set-up is well-balanced to test a range of real-life collaboration, communication, strategy and decision-making skills. [...]
Emotify cover Review – Emotify!The Power of the Human Element by Terry Pearce - ‘Emotify!’ starts by making its case for game-based learning over lectures and takes a tour through the landscape of game-based learning. [...]