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Another brilliant deck from Show & Tell regular, Darren Sweet. Last time, Darren gave us two decks for the price of one – with The Great Christmas Debate and his festive Sliding Tile Puzzle. This time we are untangling the knotty problem of Risk with his Risky Business deck.

This deck has been carefully crafted to enable facilitators and business leaders to pick through specifi business objectives and evaluate any inherent risk.

Guided by the cards, you will facilitate an holistic conversation around all aspects of the objective, while drilling into the potential impacts of going ahead. The group will consider the implications of a range of universal risk categories as outlined on the ‘Risky Business’ cards to fully understand, measure and mitigate the risks.

The process will help the group to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats contained within the objective and enable a confident transition to purposeful action.

Put simply, ‘Risky Business’ provides peace of mind when making those all important business decisions.

To coincide with each Show and Tell episode, Darren will be making the featured deck FREE for 30 days. So don’t forget to keep coming back to see what the featured deck of the month can do for you.

Free to use as often as you wish from the date this Show ‘n’ Tell drops, until early New Year (access via the ipsodeckso.com free membership option).

Ipsodeckso is a platform which is going to be of considerable interest to facilitators and coaches. It contains a number of great decks already, but also includes the capability for you to upload and use your own cards, for use on the same platform.

Show & Tell videos will all accumulate at the Show & Tell Page as they are published. You can also check out one of Darren’s games, ‘The Walking Dead’ which featured in a Ludogogy live play session.

If you would like to appear in a Show & Tell episode, get in touch at info@ludogogy.co.uk

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