James Bore – The Ransomeware Game

Shadowy figure with screens - ransomware attack

This is our first Show and Tell from James Bore of Bores Group Ltd, a security/technology consultancy. James has created a hybrid game which uses cards, and a Chat GPT bot to simulate the experience of being the victim of a ransomeware attack.

With several different businesses to choose from as you play through the game, players can gain insights into the differing impacts that an attack might have, and the various approaches that organisations might take to minimising the cost of an attack, and regaining access to their own data.

The Chat GPT component of the game gives players the opportunity to enter into negotiation with a ‘real’ (or real-time, at any rate), ransomeware organisation, while the cards are used to let players decide what actions they will take to resolve the situation, and how to spend their available cybersecurity budget.

James can come and facilitate this game in your organisation, as part of your security training provision. There are advantages to having an expert like James there to debrief the game, obviously, but mechnically, the game is simple enough to be run internally (subject to having a pro GPT account), once you know how to play. Get in touch with James via LinkedIn or check out his other services at the Bores Group Ltd website.

Also, don’t forget to book your place for the upcoming Play Secure Conference on the 21st and 22nd June, 2024. James has been running this for four years now, and it was this event which inspired the creation of this game. This year’s event is also dear to Ludogogy’s heart, as I’ll be speaking there on the use of ‘Keepsake’ Games for Wellness.

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