Game Playtest Sessions – February 2022

Working Dead playtest attendees

Ludogogy aims to put play back into your life – really important if you’re in the business of creating games for great learning.

To that end, we’re hosting live play sessions. These could be demos, playtests, prototyping sessions – anything really.

This month, we sadly had to postpone one session, but Corrado de Sanctis will be rescheduling his demo of The Agile Mindset as soon as possible.

The other two sessions went ahead as planned though, and are presented here for you:

Project 911 Project Recovery Simulation

A session co-hosted by Terry Pearce and Bruce Gay, the creator of the game.

Come and play “Project 911” and help its designers refine the game mechanics and game scoring. How will you react to the challenges? What will you decide? Your decisions and leadership will determine the project’s ultimate destiny!

The Working Dead

A session co-hosted by Sarah Le-Fevre and Darren Sweet, the creator of the Ipsodeckso platform, on which this game rus (still under development at time of writing).

The Working Dead takes place at a fictional team building offsite in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

Slaudervale Manor employees become infected and turn into frenzied, flesh hungry zombies, hellbent on munching on the guests (that would be you!).

To survive, players must work as a team to battle zombies, share tools and strategic information, crack escape room style puzzles and acquire codes which unlock critical objects to aid them in their plight and lead them to safety.

Failure to work together and players will quickly join the ranks of the zombie horde and develop a ravenous appetite for the other participants!

Effective teams strive towards a common goal, possess great communication skills and share an ‘in it together’ attitude. The Working Dead with its combination of cooperative gameplay and escape room problem-solving, challenges players to collaborate effectively and drive towards the ultimate common goal – SURVIVAL.

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