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On the 3rd November, we gathered exactly the right number of people to start a pizza business – it takes five apparently.

It was an enormous pleasure to co-host this session of the Pizza Game – a continuous improvement game developed by improvement experts Jonathan Grellier and Ed Jepson – with the help of Focus Games.

Andy Yeoman (of Focus Games) joined the fun and ably managed the pizza cooking part of the process. I (wo)manned the toppings station, while Eileen George and Ray Kimball took on the tasks of dough mixing (and rolling), and order taking. Ed took (in the opinion of the rest of us) the easy option of cutting and dispatching.

Jonathan and Ed shared the task of facilitating us through the process.

The game is a great approach to getting your team talking about improvements such as reducing complexity, team communication and resource arrangement and allocation – and much, much more.

You can find out more at the Pizza Game website, or by contacting Andy at

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