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On 15th September, I had the pleasure to co-host a play session with Youssef Jbel of NowEdge.  NowEdge have developed StratEdge – a strategic simulation based on a supply and demand model in the commodities market.

This particular instance of the game was based in the oil and gas sector, which caused some level of controversy in the group, but the game is fully customisable to your own needs to provide a tailored experience – including translation into English. You can contact Youssef at or connect with him on LinkedIn

If you would like more of a ‘demo’ and spoken intro to the game, you can just watch the first third or so of the video. In the middle, you will be able to see a team playing the game, while the end shows debrief and the group’s  feedback on the game experience.

If you would like to run your own live play session for your game with Ludogogy, get in touch at . The Ludogogy community is composed of keen and knowledgable people who really know their games-based learning, so you can look forward to getting some useful and actionable feedback, as well as having a recording of your game in action which you can refer to. See recordings of other live play sessions through the Live Sessions category link.

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