Street Wisdom – Find Answers as You Walk

The streets are an open book we can learn from

For our third ‘Show & Tell’, Ludogogy welcomes Philip Cowell. Philip is ‘Poet in Residence’ at Street Wisdom, where, although I haven’t yet heard any of his poetry, I have found him in his other capacity as a facilitator of ‘Wanders’.

Street Wisdom is a wanderful (see what I did there), combination of walking, mindfulness and inquiry question, which really appeals to Ludogogy, because it is inherently playful in its approach. It was created by David Pearl.

Facilitators and other learning folk watching this will find plenty to get excited about, and, as mentioned in the video you can find all you need to get started at the Street Wisdom site, including audio files, a link to David Pearl’s book, and even information about using Street Wisdom commercially.

Show & Tell videos will all accumulate at the Show & Tell Page as they are published. And if you want to have a read of the interview Philip did with me (we’re nothing if not reciprocal, at Ludogogy), you can find it on the Street Wisdom blog.

If you would like to appear in a Show & Tell episode, get in touch at

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