Every month, Antonis Triantafyllakis and Sarah Le-Fevre will be interviewing a prominent games designer for the Ludogogy Podcast.

The Episodes can be found on all your favourite podcast platforms, or check back here regularly for your Monthly Games-based Learning Earworm.

Ludogogy Podcast

Sarah and Antonis on Archetypes by Antonis - It's been over a year of the Ludogogy Podcast! Here’s your opportunity to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. [...]
Jenna Moran on Writing by Antonis - Jenna Moran is an RPG designer and novelist renowned for her innovative contributions to games and writing. Join us for a fascinating discussion on her journey in RPGs and storytelling. [...]
Richard Bartle on Beginnings by Antonis - If you've ever played a MMORPG, or heard of Player Types, then you'll be excited about the beginning of our second season! Join us as we explore the past, present and potential futures of virtual worlds with Richard Bartle. [...]
Jason Morningstar on Jamming by Antonis - Join us for an exciting episode on jamming, with none other than the award winning Jason Morningstar, a master of compelling and unpredictable narratives, who has redefined storytelling in games! [...]
Rae Nedjadi on Identity by Antonis - Rae Nedjadi is a renowned TTRPG designer and creator of dozens of innovative play experiences. Tune in and discover why Rae is the game designers’ game designer! [...]
LudoVic (ChatGPT) on AI by Antonis - What would a games designer from 10 years in the future have to say about games? Enjoy an exclusive discussion with LudoVic (ChatGPT) on the symbiotic relationship between human designers and AI, and how it's shaping the future of gaming. [...]
Evan Raskob on Speculation by Antonis - Narrative imagination is a powerful tool for people to innovate and speculate on what might be possible. Listen in as Evan Raskob explains this and tells us what he has learned from designing games like Peek, his very own speculative fiction game. [...]
Marcin Slowikowski on Roleplaying by Antonis - Marcin "Słowik" Słowikowski is a renowned LARP designer, TEDx speaker, and expert in culture and communication. Relish character-driven narratives, emotion-fuelled plots, and the complexity of character relationships with his insights! [...]
Ata Sergey Nowak on Politics by Antonis - Join us as we delve into politics in games with Ata Sergey Nowak. As a creator of the award-winning Suzerain, Ata invites us to immerse ourselves in a seamless geopolitical experience, through intricate mechanics and immersive storytelling. [...]
Logan Timmins on Wellbeing by Antonis - Focusing on storytelling, and themes of reflection and self-discovery, Logan’s games invite intimacy and connection, with oneself and others, making him ideal for June’s theme of Wellbeing. [...]