Evan Raskob on Speculation

Stories from the Future

Cards have traditionally been used to look into the future, and Cartomancy – using decks like the tarot or Lenormand – or even playing cards was incredibly popular in the 19th century. For a more modern take on this, without the supernatural connotations, we can look to games like Peek – created by our guest, Evan Raskob. The future does not yet exist, so the stories we tell ourselves about it are very important – because they can inform what actually happens. “Where attention goes, energy flows”, as they say. Narrative imagination is a powerful tool for people to innovate and speculate on what might be possible. Listen in as Evan explains this and tells us what he has learned from designing games.

You can find more about Peek, Evan’s speculative fiction card game, on spoke.flkr.com.

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