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Think of this as the Table of Contents

We can’t believe it’s been all that time since the Ludogogy podcast first saw the light of day. And yet here we are, 17 episodes in, so Antonis and Sarah thought it was time for a review. We’ve had some amazing guests over the last year and a bit, and here’s your opportunity to catch up on any episodes you might have missed. You wouldn’t want to pass up the chance to learn from the creators of such seminal games as World Without Oil or Wingspan or even to get the low down on Player Types from the man who invented the idea, now would you? All this and more is waiting in our back catalogue. Think of this as the Table of Contents.

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Antonis creates engaging learning experiences or meaningful games as his day job. He then volunteers for unconditional basic income, does a lot of climate activism, and in general, comes up with a multitude of creative ways to bring change.
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