How to Make Your Learners Feel Like Rockstars

How do you really become a rockstar? Practice. Lots of practice. But for most people practising the same songs and notes over and over can get pretty tedious.

Pizza KATA II Retrospect is a Mindset and Not an Action

Teams need to retrospect to get better, not just to celebrate wins. If teams want to improve they need to change what was wrong, or even not quite perfect.

The Play Personality for Gamification – Alyea Sandovar

Alyea Sandovar sent us this video looking at how she uses Play Personalities (Dr. Stuart Brown, at the Institute for Play) in her gamification work.

How To Collect Feedback For Gamified & Digital Learning

I learnt things the hard way and this article is an attempt to reflect on the mistakes I made while collecting feedback for online game-based learning courses

What’s in a Game? – Debriefing Learning Games

Many have discovered that learning games and playful activities are effective for learning if you are required to use ‘online’, rather than a classroom setting.

Engaging and Relevant Feedback from Online Agile Workshops

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate tricky real-world, Agile concepts is to run a game that strips away any complexity

Applying Feedback in Learning Games

Applying feedback is incredibly important for shaping the player experience, connecting learning outcomes, and making sure that the experience stays “fun.”

Liber Domus – Interview with Eduardo Nunes

In this issue, we are delighted to have the opportunity to talk to Eduardo Nunes about his 'Open World' Educational game, Liber Domus.

Feedback – Creation and Delivery through Live Experience

At the end of a training serial, tank commanders will conduct a ‘hot-debrief’, discussing what went well, what went badly and how they can improve next time.

Debriefing and Feedback for Ubuntu Game

The Ubuntu Game is a physical and virtual board game designed to teach teenagers the wonders of diversity, inclusion and equality