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Alyea Sandovar, along with David Chislett founded the Playful Creative Summit – an annual celebration of all that is great about- you’ve guessed it – creativity and play. If you want to know more about that you can read David’s reflection on this year’s summit in the ‘Changes’ issue of Ludogogy.

Alyea sent us this video looking at how she uses Play Personalities (from the work of Dr. Stuart Brown, at the Institute for Play) in her gamification work.

If you want to take the quiz mentioned in the video, click

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Gamification and Play Consultant at Tint Hue
Dr. Alyea Sandovar is a gamification and play consultant at Tint Hue. She helps established business owners create deeper engagement for their online programs and turn clients into raving fans through gamification. She is also the co-founder of the Playful Creative Summit - a free summit dedicated to adding more play and creativity to the world which launches every year in April. She has a PhD in Game Production, a Masters in Psychology, a Masters in Human Organizational Systems, and a Bachelor's in Public Relations and Communication. She has experience with academic institutions, non profits, game studios, corporations and start-ups.

She was inspired to get into games through games she played with her Abuelita Lela in Colombia. Later as a psychotherapist she saw the power of play and games to transform the lives of her clients which led her to her studies in video games.

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