Learning Brief ‘Consequences’

Learning Brief Consequences

This little artefact was created as a giveaway for a Trade Fair. If you have an idea for training for your business, but don’t know where to start analysing your needs or planning what to deliver, this will help. It asks all the pertinent questions to build a framework for creating an effective and engaging learning intervention. Use it to do it yourself or to take to your learning creator as a specification document.

I wanted to make something funky and folding, and have spent a lot of time looking at foldfactory.com – what a great site. The main thing I have learnt is that there is a lot to learn about folding. My prototype (in blue, above) still needs a lot of work in adjusting the positioning of text to allow the folds to account for the thickness of paper.

So, in the end I opted for something pretty simple, based on the children’s game ‘Consequences’. I’m pretty happy with that, because it has a game theme and also because it lets you look at the elements one at a time, if you want to, rather than being overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

The idea was to create a two sided template, which, when completed, would have all your ideas laid out on one side and all the questions out of the way on the other. I’ve nearly managed that with this design, and it really works with real training ideas. Download it below – but you’ll have to do your own printing and folding.

Folded consequences

How to use

  1. It should be printed double-sided (flip on long edge).
  2. Position in front of you in portrait format, and fold in the right hand edge (as if you were folding in thirds).
  3. If you wish you can now fold downwards into a concertina shape.  This will let you look at one row at a time (like ‘consequences’).
  4. You will see for each row, there is a set of questions next to a space with a pale heading.  Start with ‘Aims’ and work down to ‘Evaluation’.
  5. Fold in the other long edge to complete the other six sections in the same way.
  6. Open the sheet out when you are done.  The questions are hidden away, and all the answers are visible on one side.
  7. Another set of short questions appear down the middle to complete your brief specification.

Download “'Consequences'”

Learning_Brief_Cons.doc – Downloaded 303 times – 730.00 KB
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