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Ecosystem Game Role

Download of the complete materials for the Ecosystem Game referenced in the article in Aprils’s issue of the Magazine.  A word document containing facilitator instructions, team instructions, role cards for teams and suggestions for debrief questions.

Download “Ecosystems Game”

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  1. I didn’t really get the start of the game. Every role should produce and consume in each step, right? But what can they consume when the game just started and there’s no products yet been produced?

    • Hi Uliana

      Thanks for your question. All roles produce first and then consume. Looking at my instructions again, I think they are possibly not completely clear. It would be better if item 4 in the instructions read

      “4. All roles produce – everybody does this in order – role 1 first and then role 2 and so on. Then all roles consume – everybody does this in order – role 1 first and then role 2 and so on.”

      I will change this



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