Andrzej Marczewski’s Hexad of Player Types

Andrzej Marczewski's Hexad

Andrzej Marczewski created the Hexad of Player Types, an extension of Bartle’s work, to be more suitable for use in Enterprise Gamification.

Player type hexad

The Six types can be used in conjunction with other frameworks such as Octalysis.

The commentary below discusses the player types with reference to Octalysis Core Drives (CDs)

Disruptors are motivated by Change. They want to effect (hopefully) positive change, but possibly negative change by interacting with your experience.
There are 4 sub types in Andrzej’s model. We do not want Griefers or Destroyers in our system. We must either convert them to the two more positive types, or get rid of them as their influence is wholly negative and destructive. Therefore the below diagrams consider only the drives which appeal to the subtypes Improver and Influencer. These two player types favour:

  • Improver – they like to explore a system and find ways to make it better. They are disruptive problem solvers
  • Influencer – they like to changes things by using their influence over others.

Disruptors are largely driven by CD2 and CD4, but also CD3, CD5, and to a lesser extent by CD8.

Philanthropists are motivated by Purpose and Meaning. They want to ‘do good’ and do not expect rewards for doing so. They are most driven by CD1, but to a lesser extent by CD2, CD3 and CD5.

Free Spirit
Free Spirits want autonomy to create and explore. Self-expression is also important to them. CD3 and CD7 will drive them most strongly, but also CD2 and CD6 to a certain extent.

Socialisers want to interact with other people and make connections. Mainly motivated by CD5, they also favour CD3 and CD7, or even CD4 (‘my’ friends).

Achievers are motivated by Mastery, wanting to learn new things and improve themselves. They need to feel they are overcoming challenges. Achievers are obviously strongly driven by CD2, and CD4 and CD6 will also influence them. They will also enjoy finding creative ways to achieve (CD3)

Players are motivated by Rewards. They will do what is needed of them to collect rewards from a system. They are in it for themselves

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