Meeting Spicer – Game Download

Meeting Spicer

Dov Tsal at The Growth Hacking Bear has shared links to Meeting Spicer card game and board game. They’re free – just download and print.

In the current situation where many of us are working in isolation, this resource can help you with the challenges of remote team meetings.

Just one slight change needed to your deck – once you have printed it out.

And please remove the card titled “Let’s try this today: Laptop-less meeting!”, it will confuse the team in a remote meeting… 😀

The cards are available in English and French versions. There is also a video which tells you how to use them.

Meeting Spicer has also been joined by Ownership Spicer, a card game with a really clever mechanic to easily evaluate the level of agreement on a delegation process.

You can access all of the these wonderful resources at Dov’s Meeting Spicer website in either English or French.

Thanks, Dov.

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